8-13-2018 Item Store Update (Prices and Items)

Link to the full items list is under the Game Info drop-down.

  • All grenade prices are reduced by 100 tabs
  • Suppressor prices are reduced by 100 tabs
  • CROWS Remote Turret price is reduced by 200 tabs
  • M249 price reduced by 200 tabs
  • M240B price reduced by 400 tabs
  • Ballistic Shield price reduced by 300 tabs
  • Radio Jammer price reduced by 1000 tabs
  • Taser price reduced by 200 tabs
  • Shaped Charges price increased by 70 tabs
  • Satchel Charge price increased by 200 tabs
  • Shotgun Speed Loader added to the store
  • Tear Gas grenade added to the store
  • Ironman Backpack added to the store

New Items

Tear Gas 350 30 foot radius, takes 1 round to fill the area. All units within the radius after a round roll constitution saves DC 14 or be given level 1 exhaustion for 1 minute.
Ironman Backpack 2000 You no longer reload ammo. Only works for magazine fed weapons.
Shotgun Speed Loader 800 For barrel fed shotguns, reloads all shells for a bonus action instead of one shell.

Current Wealth (Character Sheets on Roll20 have been updated)

Current Wealth Character Name
2525 Jacob
2555 Alen
3600 September
2962 Scott
2226 Eileen
3086 Imari
2486 Mercedes

Changelog 7-29-2018

  • Fixed Jacob’s shotgun, Eileen’s Revolver and Mercedes’ sniper, used to expend three ammo per shot when it should only have been 1
  • Added attachment description to Jacob’s shotgun notes
  • #tool_money will now send a whisper to the GM that you have transferred ammo or tabs in the following format:
    {character name} traded {number} {ammo caliber or tabs selected}
  • Reloading will now whisper to the GM a message in the following format:
    {character name} is reloading