4-29-2019 Episode 4 Earnings

Wealth Update

2500 tabs Mission Accomplished

+ 500 Kill Confirmed

+ 1250 Rescue Bonus

+ 800 Robotic Recovery

+250 Ammo Refund

5300 Tabs Total Mission Bonus

+ 3 week salary

Previous Wealth Weekly Salary Mission Bonus Current Wealth Character Name
486 500 5000 7286 Jacob
1500 450 5000 8150 September
176 450 5000 6826 Eileen
1000 500 5000 7800 Imari
2376 0 0 2376 Mercedes

The price reduction on Vehicle upgrades has finished.

Level 4 Perks

September – Hide Sense: While sneaking and undetected you have advantage on perception checks.

Mercedes –  Tunnel Vision: 1/day Focus on a 30 degree cone in front of you. Until your next turn, you get a free attack on anyone entering your line of sight. Your senses are numbed and you cannot make perception check while doing this.

Jacob –  Indomitable: When you fail a saving throw you can choose to reroll. (1/rest)

Imari – Innate Connection: Can roll a wisdom save to attempt to influence robotic creatures when withing 5 feet of them. (Also, +2 to wisdom, and proficiency have been unlocked)

Eileen – Throwing Arm: Advantage when throwing C4, satchel charges, and grenades .. & Fast Reload: Roll a sleight of hand check once per round, to refund your action when reloading a weapon, DC dependent on weapon type. Assault rifle is 12, sub machine guns are 10.